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Latest Products - M4A2E8, M8 Greyhound, DD Sherman

Shop for unique Lego® WW2, Military Vehicles & Lego® Tanks from Brick By Design 
These are built with 100% genuine Lego® bricks.

Our online store, based in the UK, offers a wide range of WW2-themed Lego® sets and custom military vehicles, tanks, anti -armour and scenes - perfect for any Lego® enthusiast. 

Brick By Design is an online store that specializes in custom built Lego® WW2 sets & Army models from World War II.
We have a passion for history and Lego®, so we decided to combine the two and bring our creations to life.

Our MOCs are carefully crafted to ensure that each one is a work of art that combines both historical accuracy and buildability. Our store is perfect for any Lego® fan who wants to buy & build something unique.
We invite you to visit Brick By Design and explore our collection of custom Lego® WW2.

Find us online on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We post updates, photos and videos about everything that is going on so be sure to check them out. And use #brickbydesign to show your Lego® WW2 builds and for a chance to be featured on our media page.

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